Case Study

Sportech Mobile Apps

How I led the design team to launch the Sportech suite of mobile apps

The new mobile designs and updated website design experience, increased user sign-ups/registrations for online and mobile betting.

The Problem

Sportech wanted to create a mobile experience that allowed users to conveniently bet on various tracks around the U.S.

I joined the company as a Lead UX/UI Designer to help design better experiences across platforms.

I led the design team through sprints after problems to solve were identified. and solutions that would have a positive impact on key business metrics.



Narrowing down to the best solutions

Solutions began to emerge as we started to take a look at solutions through the iterations. Through this process, we narrowed down the solutions in order to move forward.

I created wireframes and wire flows to show the journey the users would take throughout the app. And I created rapid lo-fidelity prototypes to get user feedback quickly.


I created numerous prototypes throughout the design and development process so developers could see how the app would flow and function as they built out the app.


Along with the Sportech design and development team, I helped create, maintain, and add new features to the Sportech mobile apps and websites.


Gene Guy

Product Designer

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